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Resin Bound Surfacing

Why Choose Resin Bound Surfacing?


We can meet whatever design requirements the customer might have. Resin bound surfacing can be any colour, shape or pattern and can be laid on top of almost any surface.

Environmentally Friendly:

We use recycled and natural materials to create our resin bound surfacing, and because the surface is permeable it absorbs rain water and filters it back into the natural water table.


As there are no loose stones, the risk of tripping is reduced, and because there is lo lying water, the surface does not ice over in cold weather.


The list of surfaces that can be created using resin bound surfacing is almost limitless, but a few of the most popular are:
• Driveways
• Access Roads
• Car Parks
• Pedestrian Areas
• Cyclepaths & Footpaths
• Schools
• Patios, Terraces and Roof Gardens

Resin Bound Surfacing Services in Tamworth

Hornsby Ltd’s team of professionals are highly experienced at laying resin bound surfacing, and provide a service to the highest possible standard

Our experts in resin bound surfacing are able to create driveways and other surfaces with a traditional, stylish look, whilst offering customers the full benefit of using modern materials and laying techniques.

By binding together natural and recycled materials with resin, we can build smooth, hard wearing surfaces that will not crack or flood, whilst freeze/thaw weathering won’t have an effect on it either.  Resin bound surfaces last for years and require very little maintenance because they keep their shape and do not degrade over time. 

There is a wide range of materials that can be used in the surfacing, including natural gravels and crushed rock, recycled glass, metallic flake and glass beads. Customers are welcome to come up with their own ideas for the materials and our experts would be happy to discuss the practicalities and offer advice on what is possible.